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Reprtitively deliberate each techology,and severely recheck

each design

Excellent design inspiration,it not only draws foreign 

sophistcated technology and thought

But also comes from our attitude towards life,respect and 

foresight toeards life safety.


Personal:24-hour personal comsultation and full set of     

product service  plan,each sercice is designed especially   

for clients Proper:With exclusive   design and special         

research and development,the most suitable product is    

used to express Proper concern for you:Thinking what     

you think,doing what you unfulfilled,and concentrting on

meeting your"new"expectation onFuling                           

   Fully digital control system,low mute frequency converter,internal precise

  imported parts of elevator and leading world level.

  Intelligent(IC card)management elevator fills up the blank of domestic(IC card)

 managent elevator

Fuling elevator always fouses on upgrading and replacement of   

products in elevator field,and the introduction of new digital        

technology promotes the working effciency and precision of        

assembly line.Advanced processing equipment,precise detecting 

instrument,strict and perfect technical training,exchange system  

and advanced management system promote Fuling Elevator        

Manufacturing (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd.(an old brand enterprise       

firstly obtaining the elevator manufacturing license and               

installation  transformation license)to become one of the most   

powerfui elevator manufacturers in China.                      




          Advanced remote monitoring system of ATUOONIMT elevator,24-hour 

          maintenance vehocle of quick maintenance monitoring center is established 

          to care safety and life without delay!Conscience commitment,dare to create.