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30-min economic business circle

Transport hub network of Pearl River Dalta

Fuling Elevator Manufacturing(Guangdong)Co.,Ltd.is located in Pingzhou Industrial Park,Guicheng Sub-District,Nanhai District,Foshan City,and it is the center of Panyu Guangzhou,Nanhai Foshan and Shunde Foshan,West Guangzhou-Zhuhai Expressway and South Guangzhou High-Speed Railway Station provide absolutely dominant logistics freight transport convenience,and Guangzhou Dashi Waterway and Foshan Pingzhou Waterway supply strength and smoothness for Fuling waterway transport in the form of capable assistant.The unique geographical position and convenient transport hub network form a unique 1-hour economic business circle,and Fuling elevator has the most characteristic efficient service rhythm by network in the fast life era!

Hundred sophisticated products

Create new feature of Australian enterprise

Fuling Elevator uses foreign advanced technologies in Japan,Germany,etc.,and it researches and develops hundreds of classical products.Fully digital control system,low mute frequency converter,internal precise imported parts of elevator and leading world level.It is recognized as the most advanced VVVF elevator by professionals of elevator industry.The intelligent(IC card)management elevator researched and developed is characterzed by low cost,complete whole fuction and efficiency.The elevator is used for hotel,restaurant,intelligent building,governmet secret department ,military area,bank,residence and other buildings,which is safety and reliable,and reaches to the domestic and foreign advanced level and fills up the blank of domestic(IC card) management elevator.

30 years of cooperation with Chinese customers qualifies the company as the glory of Australia

Fuling Elevator Manufacturing (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.is one Australian enterprise integrating research and development design,sale and manufacturing,installation and transformation,maintenance and technical training,Its subordinate business investment businesses face to all over the world and the product has independent import and export right.

Excellent technical backbone,advanced processing equipment,precise detecting instrument,strict and perfect technical training,exchange system and advanced management system promote Fuling Elevator Manufacturing (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. (an old brand enterprise firstly obtaining the elevator manufacturing lincense and installation transformation license) to become one of the most powerful elevator manufacturers in China.

Introduction of German "Industry 4.0" New transformantion of Chinese elevator manufacturing

The fourth generation intelligent plant of Fuling elevator introduces the idea of German "Industry 4.0",and the establishment of intelligent production system and implmentation of network distributed production facility promote deep integration.

The application of producton logistics management,human-computer interaction and high-tech intelligent technology in the elevator production process directly brings Fuling elevator into"Intelligent production"era,and it becomes the leading enterprise firstly introducing "Highly digitized production,network and machine self-organization" in the industry,and leads transformation and upgrade of "made in China" of elevator industry.